Power of promises

The unity is the source of power. At the personal level, the unity of goals allows an individual to reach their potential. Bruce Lee famously said that the successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus. At the level of society, the unity is the ability to focus the energy of individuals in one direction. The preeminent manifestation of group unity is the spontaneous celebration of athletic achievements during sports games. Those who can unite other people and lead them in one direction get immense wealth, prestige, and influence. It is much easier to get things done when you have the helping hands of other people.

The natural question that follows is how to unite people. And even better question is who formed our goals and gave us the confidence to pursue them in life. It would be presumptuous to think that wise and experienced people resisted the temptation to manipulate us. Values are the basis for decisions and goals. Thus we should first define our values. The values aren’t constant. They change from generation to generation. The least resistance approach is to look for issues that generate a lot of tension and controversy. The polarized opinions indicate the conflict of values

Today, one of the most inflammatory issues is the idea of equality. It is the very seductive way of thinking. If you believe that all people are equal then you will attribute your misfortunes to the external events and injustice. The fact that you are poorer means that someone deceived you and robbed you from well-deserved wealth. You will be more likely to believe in adulations and exaggerate your achievements. People having the lust for power know it. They fiercely promote the idea of equality to gain the trust and support of people.

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